Fim do CBT de Bless

O open beta de Bless está próximo


E chegou ao fim o primeiro e provavemente único CBT de Bless em sua versão russa.Tudo indica que logo logo virá o tão aguardado open beta.Foram 10 dias de testes,agora,o pessoal vai retirar alguns bugs,erros de localização,e em seguida anunciar a data do open.Além disso,todos os participantes deste CBT receberão um Orc-chamas.Estou vendo no fórum o que seria este Orc-chamas,e logo informarei sobre isso aqui nos comentários desta postagem.Fiquem ligados nas notícias aqui em nosso site,teremos muitas novidades ainda.Veja matéria completa no link abaixo.

Site oficial: Bless


  1. I have taken HT for 8 days now and havent seen a change when I get on the scale. Very diasppointed so far because I have given up Pepsi and any drinks that have flavor. I dont feel that it is worth it at this point. Been taking one in the am then eat like instructed. Also my water intake has been enough also. Please help. Im about ready to send it in for my money back.

  2. I remembered the giblets because I needed them for the dressing and gravy. However, I baked my turkey upside down, it was so fat and round I never noticed which direction the tail was pointing…your Dad would have had a terrible time carving the breast on that bird!

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  4. Who knows about the rest of the world but does America even have an appetite for this kind of “rise and fall in the world of high finance” story? And does Warner Bros (OR Paramount) even have a clue as to how to market something like this?Leo is long overdue to try something light and funny, btw. He hasn’t had his Jerry Maguire yet…

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  14. I know what you mean! When I left Alexandria to head to Dulles it was such a perfect end of summer day and I was kind of bummed to fly over to chillier temps in Ireland. But once I got there and put on my boots and scarves I knew I would be ready for Fall once I got back home!

  15. Yes…When they second guess our actions during a shooting…We have a fraction of a second to make a decision and then they have weeks and weeks to decide if you made the right one. I remember here in Houston they took a newsman and put him through a shoot/dont shoot practical scenario and he shot a whole bunch of innocent bystanders….Now he wasnt even in an actual threatening situation and he screwed up….Think how it would be if you knew you could actually get killed and your adrenalin is pumping….

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